Welcome to Rideau River Animal Hospital

We are updating our policies due to the rapidly changing situation with COVID-19. Due to the close public contact that our work requires, we have taken necessary measures to protect our clients, our staff and work hard to ensure we can continue to provide excellent care for our patients.

The following changes are taking effect Monday November 8th, 2021:

We are happy to announce that as of November 8th, you will have the option to join your pet in clinic during their appointment.
(If you wish to continue waiting outside during your pet’s veterinary appointment you still have the option to do so.)
This next step is new to us and things might change depending on COVID and how this new protocol works for everyone. We will be sure to post updates if things change.

Key points to note:
** Doctor appointments will allow 2 people into the clinic
** Proof of double COVID 19 vaccination QR code required upon entrance with photo ID.
** Mask that covers the nose and mouth are required at all times. Face shields are not accepted.
** Procedures performed during the appointment (examination, vaccines, blood draws, etc) may still be performed in the treatment room and out of your sight.
** Technician appointments will continue to operate curbside only unless specified
** Food and medication pick up will continue to be curbside

PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN - Call the clinic when you arrive and we will come get you and your pet when your exam room is ready.

If treatments such as blood work, urine collection or nail trims need to be done we will ask for you to wait outside while we finish up the appointment to allow the next client to come into the clinic.

If you cannot wear a mask or get vaccinated for medical reasons, we will ask you to continue to have your appointment curbside.
If you have children under the age of 12 that will be coming to the appointment, it will remain curbside.

If you need to purchase any food or medication, please continue to call the clinic when you are here and we will put your invoice through and bring your product to your car.

As the colder weather approaches please ensure that you have a way to keep warm while waiting outside. We do have a maximum number of clients permitted in the hospital at one time so if you arrive for any other reason except a doctor appointment you will be asked to wait outside.

We accept credit card  payments over the phone for your convenience. If credit cards are not an option for you, we accept debit or cash at the door.

4- If you are ordering medications, please expect 2-4 business days for the medication to arrive. As usual, we will advise you as soon as your order arrives. Again, please pay with a credit card over the phone with our staff to limit contact. When you arrive to pick up your medications, call us and we will deliver it to your car.

Thank you for your cooperation. Stay safe, keep social distancing and wash your hands!

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